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Window Tinting

Xtreme Signs offer professional window tinting services in various shades for vehicles ranging from cars, 4x4s, SUVs, trucks, light commercial vehicles and vans across the South East. We cover Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London and specialise in all types of window tinting, paint protection, windscreen protection film and security film.

Add some protection and style to your vehicle.

Window tints offer considerable privacy, protection and security for your passengers, pets and valuables. In addition window tinting also enhances your driving experience, avoids overheating and reduces glare.

In fact Xtreme Signs recommend window film as it can filter out 99% of harmful UV rays and 58% of the sun’s heat depending on which tint is applied. This helps you keep cool, using less air-conditioning thus improving fuel efficiency. Window tinting can also keep the vehicle interior fresh reducing fading of your seats and carpets. Along with an OEM finish – there is no bubbling, peeling or blistering.

Various shades of window tint available.

The appearance of your vehicle can be enhanced giving it a more elegant and bespoke look by window tinting in various shades, from a light tint for an understated look, to a medium tint which makes people appear as silhouettes from the outside, to an extreme black-out Limo tint.
Ask us about various levels of window tinting film, see images above with some examples of VLT (Visual Light Transmission) tints.

We are based near Gatwick covering all of the South-East, Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Rear window tinting is great on vans.

Stop curious eyes seeing what tools or valuables you have inside. Window tinting also adds increased safety, as should you have an accident it helps hold the glass together stopping it shatter, but safer to push out from the inside. Specialists fit your tint so once completed it looks identical to a manufacture’s tint and will not damage or interfere with the vehicle. Xtreme Signs have tinted hundreds of windows, so whether it is for practical or style reasons, contact us with your make, model and vehicle registration for a window tint quote.

Automotive Paint Protection

Paint protection film is a clear film applied to areas of the body work which are susceptible to damage by road fragments, such as stone chips but also UV rays, minor scratches, insects and the weather. You can still wash and wax your vehicle and it will keep it looking new year-on-year even after you have left the showroom. Normally applied to the bumper, bonnet, headlights and wing-mirrors Xtreme Signs can offer a professional service with care and attention. Based just off the M23, we cover Gatwick, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and London areas. Contact us to see what we can do for your car.

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